Phycological Counselors

Discover a compassionate and skilled team of psychological counselors at Damrivi Foundation, dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to mental well-being. Our counselors bring a diverse range of expertise, incorporating both Western psychological methodologies and Buddhist insights into their practice. Whether you seek guidance for personal growth, relationship issues, or specialized counseling for conditions like social anxiety, our counselors are here to provide tailored and empathetic support. Explore the profiles of our counselors, each committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for your mental health needs.

Our qualified counselors throughout the week i.e. Monday to Sunday. Other than the statutory holidays, these counselors are at your service. We conduct counseling “Free of charge” on Saturdays for low income individuals and families Please call 0112 504 431, 011 72 72 555, 011 44 22 077 to make an appointment.(include E-channelling)