Damrivi Foundation is a body of committed Buddhist academics and professionals for spiritual, social and economic development through the insights of Buddhism. It aims at enriching the lives of individuals and the society by means of mental transformation through Buddhist insights.
Damrivi founded in 2003, is an incorporated trust and an approved charity registered in Social Services Department in Sri Lanka. It is operated by a Board of Trustees who provide their service on totally voluntary basis and a paid staff and volunteers. Our services are available to All irrespective of their religious, ethnics or cultural differences.


Our vision is a World where all have achieved or on the path to achieving total wellbeing.


Our Mission is to engage in programs and activities informed by the teachings of the buddha to nurture attitudes and values of people ensuring their spiritual, psychological, social, and economic wellbeing.

Legal Status

Damrivi Foundation is a duly incorporated Trust by a Deed of Trust under the Trust Ordinance. (Gazette Extra-ordinary No. 1353 dated 13th August 2004). A Non-Governmental Organization registered under the voluntary Social Services Organizations (Registration and Supervision) Act No.31 of 1980- Registration No L-83910.
Registered as an Approved Charity under Inland Revenue Act (Gazette Notification 1546: 18th April 2008). Registered Training Centre under Tertiary & Vocational Education Centre.