Diploma in Pali Studies


18 Months

This course has been designed especially for those who wish to read the Pali canon on their own. The course comprises three parts, preliminary, medium, and advanced, each part comprising ten lessons. The course has been designed for those who do not have any prior knowledge of Pali language.

Each part will be taught within a semester running into four months at the end of which there will be a final examination. In addition, the participants are evaluated every two weeks as a part of a continuous evaluation. It is expected that after all three parts, the participants will be able to read the original Pali texts with the help of a dictionary. Those who complete all three parts successfully will receive a ‘Diploma in PLI Studies’ certificate.

Investment for this program is Rs 20,000 per student.

A text, Understanding Pali Language, has been specifically developed for the course by Prof. Asanga Tilakaratne who will teach the course with other expert university teachers.

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Course Fee Rs. 00000