Group Counselling


  1. Social Anxiety/Social Phobia

    Damrivi conducts group counseling therapy for clients suffering from social phobia. The therapy is conducted once a week on Saturdays at the Damrivi Centre.

    Duration: 8 weeks

    The clients are those referred for therapy by Damrivi’s counselors and doctors.

    The therapy includes exercises to improve relaxation, motivation, and concentration, and provides challenges.

  2. Children group Counseling Programme once a week Saturdays

    In this group children’s program, we help them to develop life skills using Western psychological intervention and insights from Buddhist Jataka Stories. At the end of the program, children do activities and organize exhibitions making use of the talents they have gained in this group counseling programme.

    Duration: 8 weeks

    Charges apply.


Key Features

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Benefits for Clients


A great place for counseling.

Manuja Wickramarathne

A great place for counseling.

Vindi Gunarathna