Counseling in Corporate Sector



At Damrivi Foundation, we understand the demands of the corporate sector and the impact it can have on the well-being of employees. Our specialized Corporate Counseling Program is tailored to address stress management and enhance productivity among corporate professionals.

For detailed information on how to implement the Corporate Counseling Program in your organization, please reach out to the Damrivi office. We are here to provide comprehensive support for the well-being and success of your corporate team.

Invest in the mental health and productivity of your employees with Damrivi Foundation’s Corporate Counseling Program – because a thriving workforce contributes to a thriving business.

Key Features

Stress Management
Productivity Enhancement
Tailored Solutions

Program Approach

Session Details

Benefits for Clients


A great place for counseling

Vindi Gunaratne

A great place for counseling

Manuja Wickramaratne