Counseling Children – in Children’s Homes



At Damrivi Foundation, we extend our counseling programs to schools and children’s homes, recognizing the unique needs of young minds. Our specialized counseling for children focuses on fostering emotional well-being, imparting essential life skills, and nurturing resilience. Through a blend of Western psychological interventions and the timeless wisdom found in Buddhist Jataka Stories, we create a supportive space where children can explore, express, and develop their talents. Join our counseling programs to empower children with the tools they need for a brighter, more resilient future.

Key Features

Tailored for Young Minds
Holistic Approach
Life Skills Development
Creative Expression
Cultivating Resilience
Professional Counselors
Interactive and Engaging Sessions
Positive Impact on Well-being
Collaboration with Schools and Homes
Empowering the Next Generation

Program Approach

Session Details

Benefits for Clients


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