We offer in-house counseling for family, adults, adolescents and children: Monday through Sunday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Psychological Counselors
We have 8 qualified counselors though out the week i.e. Monday to Sunday other than
The Statutory holidays, these counselors are at your service.
We conduct counseling “Free of charge” on Saturdays for low income families and individuals.

Following are our charges:
Specialist Psychiatrist: Rs.2,500.00 per session(Available once in two weeks)
Special Consultant Counseling Service: Rs.3,250.00 per individual per session
Special Consultant Counseling Service: Rs.4,750.00 per Family per session
Other Counselors: Rs.2000.00 per individual per session
Other Counselors: Rs.3,250.00 per Family per session

Please call 0112 504 431, 011 72 72 555, 011 44 22 077 to make an appointment.

1. Social Anxiety/Social Phobia

Damrivi conducts group counseling therapy for clients suffering from social phobia. The therapy is conducted once a week on Saturday at the Damrivi Centre.

Duration: 8 weeks

The clients are those referred for therapy by Damrivi counselors and doctors.
The therapy includes exercises to improve relaxation, motivation, concentration, and provides challenges.

2. Children group Counseling Programme once a week Saturdays

In this group children programme we help them to develop life skills using western psychological intervention and insights from Buddhist Jataka Stories. At the end of the programme children do activities and organize exhibitions making use of the talents they have gained in this group counseling programme.

Duration: 8 weeks
Charges apply.


Community-based Counseling services -Free

We conduct community based Psychological Interventions at the temples and schools supporting the participants to develop a healthy mind for a happy life.

This is a voluntary service by Damrivi


We have designed a programme for stress management and improvement of productivity for corporate employees.

Please inquire from Damrivi office for details and on how to get this service for your establishment.


Counseling of special groups – Free

1. Cancer patients and their families
Damrivi has developed a unique counseling module to counsel cancer patients, integrating Western Counselling theories and therapies and Buddhist Insights and therapies. The module was developed having tested and finetuned it for some period with the in-house patients of the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama.

2. Damrivi has published a booklet Counseling Cancer Patients – A Buddhist Way in Sinhala and English to share its firsthand experience in counseling terminally ill patients.


Counseling Children – in children’s homes

Currently we conduct counseling programmes at the schools and homes for children: