Diploma in Psychological Counseling

Damrivi conducts an eighteen months diploma course on psychological counseling with Buddhist insights. The panel of lecturers comprise of psychiatrists, psychologists, experts in Buddhist philosophy and counseling. This Counseling diploma is approved by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and skills Development.

• Twelve months theory and practical
• Six months guided Internship training
• Practical exposure
• Uses Buddhist insights and psychology

Diploma in Psychological Counseling with Buddhist Insights

Damrivi has designed this course incorporating Buddhist insights into Western counseling theory and practice. The course has been designed by a group of academics and experts in psychotherapy, psychology and Buddhist philosophy. This is the first ever course of this kind. Damrivi has been conducting this course for the last 20 years. The academic staff comprises Buddhist scholars, psychiatrists, psychologists, educationists and invited experts. This is a one year course with six month in-house internship.

Please inquire from Damrivi office (0777557699 and 0112504431/0114422077) for enrolment and details.